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Organizations that have moved to mobile-only strategies are reaping benefits like productivity, nimbleness, and anywhere operations. But the complexity of enterprise mobility management is something that can challenge even the most sophisticated IT teams! Tune in for inspiring and informative conversations with industry leaders on the latest enterprise mobility trends. We aim to simplify the complexities and bring you the latest thinking in enterprise mobility to help your business thrive.

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Featured Episode

Episode 25

What is Mobile First? 

With Alex Kalish, Stratix Chief Strategy and Solution Officer at Stratix

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Tim McCulley

Episode 26

MDM vs. EMM: What's the Difference? 

With Tim McCulley, Product Manager at Stratix

Alex Kalish

Episode 25

What is Mobile First? 

With Alex Kalish, Chief Strategy and Solutions Officer at Stratix


Episode 24

Why a Help Desk for Mobile Makes a Difference

With Lynn Kinnaman, VP of the Mobile Operations Center at Stratix and Tiarah Simon, Team Lead of the MOC at Stratix


Episode 23

Why Off-the-Shelf Doesn't Work for Enterprise Mobility

With Dipesh Hinduja, Director of Mobile Solution Architecture


Episode 22

Building Trust In Order to Drive Customer Success

With Damon LoSchiavo, VP Customer Success & Implementation at T-Mobile


Episode 21

How Mobile Devices Can Improve Worker Safety and Lower Liability

Joe Boyle, CEO of Truce Software and Kip Wagner, Chief Revenue Officer at Stratix


Episode 20

What Do Apple's WWDC 2021 Announcements Mean for the Enterprise?

With Tony Glinski, Director of Apple Business at Stratix


Episode 19

How to Increase Security of Your Enterprise’s Android Platform

With Brett Cooper, Partner at BlueFletch, and Ross Homans, VP of Operations at Stratix


Episode 18

Technology in Home Health for Better Patient Outcomes

With Jennifer Maxwell, CEO and Co-Founder of Maxwell Healthcare Associates


Episode 17

Building a Sustainable 1:1 Tech-led Program for your School

With Kenneth Fyfe, Area General Manager, State at HP Inc., and Bob Plant, MSA at Stratix


Episode 16

The True Cost of Mobile Technology

With Ross Homans, Vice President Operational Programs at Stratix


Episode 15

How Android is Driving Digital Transformation for Enterprises

With Sean Ginevan, Head of Global Strategy and Digital Partnerships at Google


Episode 14

Mobile-First to Mobile-Only

With Dipesh Hinduja Stratix Mobile Solution Architect Director


Episode 13

What Comes After Disruption?

With Elizabeth Klingseisen, Senior Marketing Vice President at Stratix


Episode 12

Digital Transformation for Railroads

With co-founders of Heartwood, Raj Raheja and Neil Wadhawan


Episode 11

Managing the Demand for Virtual Care

With Dain McCracken, Director of Healthcare at Samsung


Episode 10

The Hybrid Hustle

With Gary Heusner, President at Lextech


Episode 9

Training Restaurant Employees During Times of Uncertainty

With Paul Bradley, Director of Product Management at PlayerLync


Episode 8

Virtual Learning Tech Support: Lessons Learned from 2020

With Diane Ashby, National Sales Manager for Education at Samsung


Episode 7

The Future of K-12 Education – Beyond the Four Walls

Christine Burkette, Former CIO of the Detroit Schools and current CEO of PICF, Inc.


Episode 6

Protecting Our Kids from Cyber Harm

Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer, Bark


Episode 5

Social Distancing in Warehouses

Jennifer Springer, Senior Director and Mike Frank, Solution Product Manager at Zebra


Episode 4

High Touch in a No Touch World

With Joe Hasenzahl, Senior Manager Business Development B2B Mobility for Retail at Samsung


Episode 3

Rebuilding Confidence in Healthcare

Phoebe Cresswell, Vertical Marketing Manager at Honeywell


Episode 2

A Clean Break

With Steve Reinecke, Clinical Advisor and Chief Scientist


Episode 1

The 6-ft Economy

With Louis Alterman, CEO Stratix and Joe Mach, President, ENS

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Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Gina leverages a 30-year career in technology providing relationship-building leadership for Stratix. She began her career working for some of the largest brands in the industry including Nortel Networks, ADC Telecom, Intel and Symbol Technologies where she held leadership roles supporting both partner and end user revenue growth.


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