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Episode 24, 25/08/21, 18:49

We all count on mobile devices to get more done, but when something goes wrong, it can put a serious dent in productivity—especially when end users are widely dispersed and supporting them is challenging. That's when a knowledgeable help desk that understands your unique environments can prevent downtime and improve employee satisfaction by quickly talking end users through problem solving.

Good help desk support can also reduce costs when issues are resolved in the field and devices aren't returned for repair or replacement.

In this episode, Lynn Kinnaman, Vice President of the Mobile Operations Center (MOC) at Stratix, and Tiarah Simon, Team Lead of the MOC, talk through how a help desk works, what pieces are required, and the things organizations need to consider the ensure that their employees get the right amount of support to keep them happy and productive.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Lynn Kinnaman

Vice President, Mobile Operations Center Stratix


Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships


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