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Virtual Learning Tech Support: Lessons Learned from 2020

Episode 8, 26/10/20, 22:04

One of the most unprecedented challenges 2020 has thrown at us is the shift to virtual learning. In this episode, we speak with Diane Ashby, National Sales Manager for Education at Samsung, about what school systems and IT teams should consider for successful virtual and hybrid learning programs - now and into the future.

Equipping students with devices for virtual learning is critical – but that’s just the first step. How are these devices supported? Can these devices be used to enhance the classroom experiences when students return to in-person learning? In this episode, Diane shares key learnings from this year and tips to help school leaders and IT teams build a sustainable mobile program for distance and hybrid learning.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Diane Ashby

National Sales Manager for Education at Samsung


Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships


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