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Managing Social Distancing in Warehouses

Episode 5, 09/18/20, 26:04

Many manufacturing organizations are operating at reduced capacity to comply with social distancing and this has had significant implications on production. In today’s episode, our two guests, from Zebra Technologies, discuss technologies being used in manufacturing and warehouse operation to keep employees safe.

Jennifer Springer, Senior Director of Global DC Operations and Logistics at Zebra, provides examples of processes and workflows warehouses are using to limit cross team contamination while continuing to drive productivity. Mike Frank, Solution Product Manager at Zebra, explains the tools, like Zebra’s MotionWorks Proximity, that are being used to help provide workers at distribution centers and warehouses with a system for social distancing and data to make informed decisions and give workers the peace of mind that they can come into work every day and be safe to do their jobs.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Jennifer Springer

Senior Director of Distribution Center Operations & Logistics at Zebra Technologies


Mike Frank

Solution Product Manager at Zebra Technologies


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