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Episode 37, 26/04/22,25:38

Now that 5G is here, businesses are shifting from thinking about possible use cases and innovations to actually implementing them. 5G can make a lot more connections, and not just smartphones, but Internet of Things (IoT) devices like thermostats and lightning controls in smart buildings or wireless inventory trackers.  

So, what do businesses need to know about 5G, and how can they leverage the faster speeds, lower latency, and ability to connect more devices? In this podcast, Paul Spencer, Director of Channel Partner Sales at T-Mobile, explains how organizations are leveraging 5G to improve user/customer experiences, raise productivity, and get a leg up on competitors. 

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Paul Spencer

Paul Spencer

Director of Channel Partner Sales
at T-Mobile

Gina Daniel-Lee

Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Stratix


2022 Enterprise Mobility Outlook

We partnered with Hanover Research, to survey nearly 300 organization leaders to understand where companies are after two years of pandemic disruption, reveal their pain points, and see where they're headed.. We discovered that many think they're doing well on mobile-driven digital transformation, but our Mobile-First Score shows another story.

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