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Episode 33, 01/27/22,18:41

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is the process of managing and tracking various wireless, voice, and data services to understand your organization's total telecom costs and keep them under control. TEM can be very complicated for large organizations. It's estimated that by 2025, businesses will have close to 40 billion connected devices. That's a lot for IT and finance to keep track of and manage.

In this episode, Nathan Brown, Co-founder & COO at Advantix and Natasha Royer Coons, Principal and CRO at Advantix help us understand the different flavors of TEM, why they matter, and the questions you should ask potential providers to get a solution that meets your needs and business goals.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown

Co-founder & COO, Advantix

Natasha Royer Coon

Natasha Royer Coone

Principal & CRO, Advantix


2023 Enterprise Mobility Outlook

While nobody has a crystal ball, it's clear that the current climate means businesses must be as nimble and efficient as possible so they can handle whatever difficulties may come. The Stratix 2023 Enterprise Mobility Outlook research shows that companies are investing in mobile solutions to do just that. 86% are using more mobile now than in the last three years.

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