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Protecting Our Kids from Cyber Harm

Episode 6, 10/06/20, 17:01

We have seen a 23.1% increase in issues surrounding online predation since everyone began sheltering at home earlier this year. Between virtual learning and social distancing, kids’ screen time has risen dramatically thereby putting them at an increased risk of digital harm. In this episode, we speak with Titania Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer at Bark, to learn the challenges parents and schools face in keeping students safe during this time.

Bark is a student and school safety application that monitors online activity, detecting when students might be in danger from others or themselves. Last year, Bark detected 7.3 million instances of cyberbullying, and over 500,000 instances of self-harm. Bark protects more than 5 million children every day, and monitors trends and changes to kids’ online usage.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Titania Jordan

Chief Parenting Officer at Bark Technologies


Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships


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