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Episode 34, 02/18/22,21:31

The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace promises increased efficiencies and productivity. To get mobility right, you need to understand the ways technology impacts end users and how they're using mobile solutions to do their jobs effectively. 

In this episode, Shari Christofferson, President at Mobile Systems Intelligence by Connect Inc., explains how you can use data to make informed strategic decisions for continual process improvements of your mobile programs. 

We have the technology today to measure user experiences to find workflow bottlenecks that reduce productivity and cause employee frustration. You just need to tap into the data. 

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Shari Christofferson

Shari Christofferson

President at Mobile Systems Intelligence by Connect Inc.

Gina Daniel-Lee

Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Stratix



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