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Digital Transformation for Railroads: No Longer a Strategy, But a Necessity

Episode 12, 25/01/21, 32:16

The time is now for companies to transform from a “digital also” company to a “digital first” company. This applies to all industries including the rail industry. In this podcast episode, we speak with the co-founders of Heartwood, Raj Raheja and Neil Wadhawan, about digital transformation in the rail industry and the transformative way they are preparing their engineers and inspectors with new training using virtual interactive technologies.

Heartwood‘s virtual interactive simulations and guides help rail operations, maintenance, and field service teams perform complex procedures faster, safer and with less errors. Raj and Neil explain the benefits of modernizing compliance training with technology. They also provide their forecast as to what the major transformation priorities are for the rail industry in 2021.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Raj Raheja

Co-founder of Heartwood


Neil Wadhawan

Co-founder of Heartwood


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