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Episode 28, 01/11/21,24:07

Frontline workers need technology that offers great experiences to make their jobs easier. With the portfolio of devices that enterprise organizations manage constantly expanding, many struggle with the complexity and scale involved. A good endpoint management solution automates many IT workflows and helps keep critical data secure. This ensures frontline employees have the right apps, their devices are automatically upgraded, and their interaction with their devices is frictionless. 

In this episode, Shash Anand, VP of Product Strategy at SOTI, explains how Mobile Device Management (or MDM) solutions work and what to look for when picking one for your frontline workers. 

He has many real-world examples of organizations leveraging MDM to improve end-user experiences and productivity. 

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Shash Anand

Shash Anand

VP of Product Strategy at SOTI


Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships


2022 Enterprise Mobility Outlook

We partnered with Hanover Research, to survey nearly 300 organization leaders to understand where companies are after two years of pandemic disruption, reveal their pain points, and see where they're headed.. We discovered that many think they're doing well on mobile-driven digital transformation, but our Mobile-First Score shows another story.

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