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Episode 27, 10/26/21,21:21

How Retailers are Using Data and Mobile Technology to Stay Ahead

Retailers today need all kinds of digital tools to take on evolving customer expectations and current challenges like labor and supply chain shortages. In this episode, Joe Hasenzahl, National Director of Sales, B2B Mobility for Retail at Samsung, talks about the lessons learned from the past 18 months and what retailers can do to drive growth moving forward. Hasenzahl delves into new and future retail trends like leveraging data to meld online and in-store shopping to create the seamless and frictionless experiences customers are looking for. He also explains how businesses can lower their total cost of ownership by utilizing multi-function mobile devices instead of investing in lots of separate solutions.

Because he works to develop new solutions for one of the world's leading retail technology providers, it's always fascinating when Hasenzahl gets out his crystal ball for us.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Joe Hasenzahl

Joe Hasenzahl

National Director of Sales, B2B Mobility for Retail at Samsung


Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships



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