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Episode 45, 11/08/22,11:36

These are challenging times for IT leaders and teams. The hard turn to remote work and need for contactless technology solutions was very difficult, and that's continued with the proliferation of mobile devices. IT roles were already hard to fill, and that's been exacerbated by the hot job market. It means teams are exhausted, overworked, and need a break.

In this podcast with Stratix's Ross Homans, we look at the causes of IT team burnout and why they continue to be an issue. With decades of experience leading IT teams, Ross shares his ideas on better ways to manage your workloads and take some of the pressure off your people. 

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Ross Homans

Ross Homans

Vice President of Operational Programs at Stratix


Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships



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