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Improving Security Without Sacrificing the End User Experience

Episode 19, 05/25/21, 23:21

Enterprises that need more control have flocked to the Android platform over the last 10 years. It gives them the ability to build solutions for very specific use cases thanks to greater oversight of devices, extra freedom to customize, more hardware variety, different rugged configurations, and cheaper price options.

But that flexibility does introduce extra risk that organizations must be aware of and take steps to mitigate. With recent ransomware attacks costing companies millions, endpoint security is a topic on a lot of minds.

In this episode, Brett Cooper, Partner at BlueFletch, and Ross Homans, VP of Operations at Stratix, explain the challenges that come with the Android platform and what enterprises can do to improve security and the end user experience simultaneously through single sign-on, replacing the launcher, and locking down the device settings.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Brett Cooper

Partner at BlueFletch


Ross Homans

Vice President of Operations at Stratix



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