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Challenges and Solutions in Implementing Mobile
Technology in Franchises

Episode 56, 01/09/24,21:31


"If you are not on board with digital, you are not on board with growth." That's the opinion of Madeleine Zook, franchise expert and guest on this episode of the Enterprise Mobility Insights podcast. She breaks down the benefits and challenges of digital transformation in franchise organizations.  

Zook says you can have the best franchise idea ever, but without digital, you're going to get stuck because you can't scale properly as the business grows, and you're not going to be able to provide customers with the kinds of experiences they're looking for. 


Meet Your Podcast Speakers:


Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Stratix

MZ Preferred Headshot

Madeleine Zook

Franchisor, Franchisee & Supplier



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