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Success in Home Health Depends on People, Process, and Technology

Episode 18, 05/11/21, 25:14

The need to continue patient care during the pandemic combined with changes in reimbursement policies has fueled a big increase in demand for home healthcare – and this is predicted to continue. Mobile-driven solutions like telemedicine and remote patient monitoring are improving both efficiency and quality of patient care.

But home healthcare agencies shouldn't rush out and buy technology without a comprehensive plan that includes what the desired outcomes are, who's going to use it, and how it's going to be supported.

In this episode, Jennifer Maxwell, CEO and Co-Founder of Maxwell Healthcare Associates, explains her trifecta of people, process, and technology and why it's critical to the successful adoption of technology in the home health space.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Jennifer Maxwell

CEO and Co-Founder of Maxwell Healthcare Associates


Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships



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