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Contextual Mobile Device Management

Episode 21, 22/06/21, 28:44

Mobile devices are integral to how we work, especially for frontline employees in fields like transportation and logistics, field services, retail, manufacturing, and more. But those same devices that improve productivity can be a distraction—or even a safety hazard—if they're used at the wrong times. Consider—for example—a delivery driver who's paying more attention to a phone than the road while driving.

With contextual mobile device management, you can solve for this and significantly improve worker safety and lower liability by setting rules for use based on factors like location and time of day. As an added bonus, productivity also increases when devices are only used when it's appropriate.

In this episode, Joe Boyle, CEO of Truce Software, and Kip Wagner, Chief Revenue Officer at Stratix, talk through how contextual mobile device management works and give specific use cases and real-world examples of how it's improving safety and productivity for companies.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Joe Boyle

CEO Truce Software


Kip Wagner

Chief Revenue Officer at Stratix


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