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Mobile-First to Mobile-Only

Episode 23, 02/19/21, 33:24

2020 was the year of many rapid shifts to our way of life, and one of the most pervasive was the rise of the 6-ft. Economy. As channels of commerce involving physical interaction in brick-and-mortar locations were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, retail quickly adapted to embrace contactless payment, curbside shopping and delivery methodologies to serve their customers in a time of great disruption. Mobile technology played a huge role in enabling this and will likely do so even more as we go into 2021. So the question looms large: What’s next for mobile-enabled retail?

In this episode, Dipesh Hinduja, Stratix Mobile Solution Architect Director, looks forward at the mobile technology trends retailers will see in 2021 and how mobile technology strategies have evolved since last year. Dipesh delves into the use cases driving this evolution and provides tips on setting up a comprehensive mobile blueprint and the risks that come with not setting one up.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Dipesh Hinduja

Director of Mobile Solution Architecture, Stratix


Micah Robinson

Enterprise Mobility Content Manager


2023 Enterprise Mobility Outlook

While nobody has a crystal ball, it's clear that the current climate means businesses must be as nimble and efficient as possible so they can handle whatever difficulties may come. The Stratix 2023 Enterprise Mobility Outlook research shows that companies are investing in mobile solutions to do just that. 86% are using more mobile now than in the last three years.

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