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Episode 35, 03/15/22,30:50

Our major research project every year at Stratix is our Enterprise Mobility Outlook. It's a report card on what's working and what's not in enterprise mobility so we can see trends and help our customers make better strategic decisions. 

In this episode, Stratix Senior Vice President of Marketing Elizabeth Klingseisen explains some of the highlights in this year's study, including our Mobile-First Score. It compares how businesses see themselves to where they really are. 

Elizabeth also breaks down some other interesting findings around device usage in organizations and how some policies may change because of them. 

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Elizabeth Klingseisen

Elizabeth Klingseisen

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Stratix

Gina Daniel-Lee

Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Stratix


2023 Enterprise Mobility Outlook

While nobody has a crystal ball, it's clear that the current climate means businesses must be as nimble and efficient as possible so they can handle whatever difficulties may come. The Stratix 2023 Enterprise Mobility Outlook research shows that companies are investing in mobile solutions to do just that. 86% are using more mobile now than in the last three years.

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