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Why Android Enterprise in a Mobile-Driven World

Episode 41, 08/18/22,17:46

Mobile devices are a key component of digital transformation for enterprises in almost every industry. It's easy to see why—mobile drives nimbleness, higher productivity, and better user experiences. In a world of constant disruption and evolution, mobile devices are more adaptable, useful, and powerful. We constantly hear about new use cases, and the capabilities now available in 5G are accelerating that trend.

However, the proliferation of mobile creates challenges that must be overcome—like conquering digital distractions and figuring out how to manage so many more devices within organizations. In this podcast, Google's Sean Ginevan explains digital wellbeing tools available in the Android OS, how the platform addresses IT teams' security and management concerns, and he gives us some examples of the ways 5G is driving innovation.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:


Sean Ginevan

Head of Global Strategy and Digital Partnerships at Google

Gina Daniel-Lee

Gina Daniel-Lee

VP, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Stratix



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