What programs are available to manage the entire life cycle - from staging and repair to end of life - for our clinicians?

Stratix has 35+ years of expertise managing the entire lifecycle of services with our SmartMobile Managed Services. We start with design testing, kitting, and activating devices prior to deployment. Additionally, our Lifecycle Management process ensures each replacement is configured exactly to approved specifications. When repairs are required, our turnaround time is exceptional, because we keep your spare pool device inventory properly stocked for demand.

What does that look like specifically?

We handle every aspect of your mobile solution configuration and support program on-shore and on-premise in our Georgia-based facility, which translates into the delivery of the industry’s best Day-2 managed services. It starts with our dedicated teammates who are customer-obsessed:

  • Mobile solution architects certified in relevant technologies and equipped with expertise aligned with healthcare. They will work with you to define your needs specifically – from the initial deployment (First Article) to onboarding.
  • A dedicated project manager to engage with your team and ensure we meet the roll-out goals and timeline. They’re the reason we have 99% on-time delivery for our customers.
  • A post-delivery customer experience manager for reporting, quarterly reviews, ongoing service delivery and areas of improvement throughout the deployment.
  • An account manager who’ll work with you to evaluate areas for improvement and work with you on action plans.


How can Stratix help us manage Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices that are attached to tablets and phones?

Stratix consults with each healthcare client to source the best fit (most affordable, compatible, durable, etc.) RPM devices and accessories. Each is pre-tested and configured to pair with its specific phones or tablets prior to the kitting process, wherein all devices and accessories are packaged together. The entire package is then shipped directly to your patients with custom-configured instructional material inside.

What happens when our devices reach end of term on lease or end of life?

Our team of Customer Experience Managers assist with devices coming off-lease or reaching the end of life in a couple of different ways:

  • Most importantly, we help you replace those devices proactively – with new upgraded equipment ideal for your personnel.
  • We will bring retired devices back to Stratix, then securely wipe the data and return to factory settings. Working with you, we can process them by either:
    • Returning to the leasing company within the term of the contract.
    • Refurbishing devices for resale and facilitating a salvage credit back to you.

Does Stratix start only with new devices or can you manage the devices I already have in the field?

We’re happy to help our clients by taking on their existing devices to ease the burden on in-house IT staff. It begins with designing a customized service program with our MSA team specialists and then assigning a project manager to:

  • Obtain all of your asset information and load that to our itrac360 asset management portal
  • Set up your spare device pools for hot swap replacements
  • Create your specific knowledge articles for your healthcare organization for our mobile help desk.

Kickoff to full onboarding can be completed in as little as 90 days when taking on the management of your existing devices.

Technology Deployment & Support

How does this work when I have so many locations and caregivers spread over different geographic regions?

Creating a consistent process for deployment and support at scale is our specialty! We know that giving the best level of care depends on having working devices in the hands of caregivers and patients when they need it. We handle that in a few ways:

  • We provision and kit your mobile solution in our dedicated facility. Working from your deployment plan, we ship those ‘ready-to-go’ devices and accessories at scale directly to the home, office or business location requested. We also have deployment portals where end users can request specific delivery dates and locations.
  • When a device is broken, our agents will enter an Advanced Exchange repair request to ensure the spare pool replacement device arrives the next day. In that shipment will be a return label to return the broken device for repair – easy and seamless for you and your end users.
  • Finally, we offer the itrac360 proprietary asset management portal providing full visibility into your fleet of mobile assets. While Stratix maintains and manages your spare pool, you have the analytics and control of your total cost of ownership.

How do you manage integration and deployment rollouts to hundreds or thousands of end users who are located remotely, often in their own home?

The Stratix mobile integration process begins with an assigned mobile solutions architect (MSA), a certified specialist on the technologies you will be deploying. The MSA will work with you on the design, plan, pilot and First Article (an initial device configured with all appropriate applications) approval to ensure that every aspect of your solution will meet your needs. Once evaluated and approved, rapid deployment begins. This ensures that whoever your end user is will have a great out-of-the-box experience.

How do you upgrade and distribute applications out to my nurses?

We are certified partners with top MDM providers (VMware, inTune, Jamf, SOTI, MaaS360, Samsung Knox, Mobileiron, etc.) enabling us to help you manage throughout the entire lifecycle down to the device level. From the procurement of MDM licenses to the enrollment of each device, we ensure your entire population is capable of receiving push updates and upgrades. We can also manage the entire change process for you via our MDM team.

How do you diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues that our end users may have?

Our mobile helpdesk is set up for assigned technicians to fully understand each application loaded onto mobile devices in your organization. Stratix agents are Georgia-based and highly-trained to know your specific needs and are available 24x7x365 - addressing issues patients may encounter, as well as nurses, physicians, therapists and other caregivers using these devices in metro or rural areas. Stratix support professionals are why we have achieved an 74+ Net Promoter Score, supporting your caregivers with the best available industry outcomes. We know lives depend upon these mission-critical use cases.

IT, Security & Cost Considerations

My budget is already pretty constricted and getting reimbursed for remote patient monitoring is a hassle. How can I access the resources I need to get past this?

In January 2020, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented three new Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) reimbursement codes to make it much easier for you to get paid. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, CMS released new interim rules to ease telehealth restrictions further. Additionally, the CARES Act issued over $200 million in grants to support telehealth providers. There’s never been a better time to invest in the devices, services and support you need to answer the call.

Even with that help, isn’t investing in this going to be a huge hit to both my allocated capital expenditures (CAPEX) for hardware and operation expenditures (OPEX) for services, apps, support and maintenance?

It doesn’t have to be. Stratix offers a simplified way to manage your mobile technology spending, management and support with a predictable monthly fee per device. With our mobile Device as a Service (mDaaS) program, your mobile operations retain the flexibility you need to adjust to rapidly changing conditions.

With all of these devices going out, how can you help me stay HIPAA-compliant?

Today’s environment demands that you be able to effectively care for patients outside of clinical environments, so we understand that it’s paramount to protect patient data. That’s why we ensure devices are configured with MDM tools such as MobileIron and Samsung Knox to help safeguard data as it’s collected and entered into electronic medical records (EMR).

How can you help my daily operations?

Home healthcare and virtual visits have never been more important, which means that continuation of care in the face of technical challenges is critical. Devices in the hands of end-users, both providers and patients, create technical and repair challenges that requires an IT workforce that is skilled in your specific use case and is available 24x7x365 to troubleshoot device issues and initiate repair and replacement at scale. Stratix instantly bolsters your support bandwidth and lets you focus on what really matters: Quality of care.

Why should I use Stratix when I can use my IT team for these services?

Stratix has over two million mobile devices under management. We do this every day for critical use cases like yours, and we maintain an 80+ Net Promoter Score and 99% on-time delivery. Managing effective mobile programs at scale is different than in-house IT supported laptops and infrastructure for several reasons:

  • They are deployed in the field, and they must work in multiple locations seamlessly
  • End users vary greatly in their ability to self-help
  • Devices require refresh faster and tend to break more
  • Security considerations from updates to lost and stolen devices is critical

This is why you need a team of experts that focus only on mobile – so you can focus on your business.

Our 24x7x365 nonstop managed mobility experts let you focus your IT resources on network infrastructure, security and other strategic projects to support the big picture of how mobile transformation can improve performance and fuel growth in your business. For example, instead of managing devices, your team can use our proprietary itrac360 asset management tool for real-time updates to view location and repair history of all devices deployed.

What makes Stratix services different?

  • Reputation of Excellence: We do everything under our roof, on-shore and on-premise which translates into top-of-the-line services. We back that up with the most five-star Gartner Peer Insight reviews in the managed mobility services (MMS) quadrant and outstanding NPS scores. We understand your healthcare operations require both deep understanding of virtual care use cases and an outstanding level of customer service. Stratix delivers like no other managed mobile technology provider.
  • Nonstop Mobility: We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. We are the industry’s most experienced mobile logistics experts with over 2.2 million devices under management. Our deep expertise and certifications across our delivery teams - coupled with strong OEM partnerships – makes us ideal to minimize disruptions to the devices and services your caregivers rely upon.
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Quite simply, if we can’t do it, it can’t be done. From Solution Design to MDM IT Support, our customized programs are delivered with your caregivers and specific business outcomes in mind. When the solution you need is not available off the shelf, our Specialty Design Group will make it a reality. We’re the partner you need to solve the complexities and unique challenges of virtualized healthcare at scale.
  • Visibility: Stratix provides easy access to your data and the ability to customize your views, create custom reports and notifications. Think of how your IT operations could benefit from a single pane of glass for all your mobile asset management needs.