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2022 Enterprise Mobility Outlook

Research shows most organizations are behind on mobile-driven digital transformation

Data and Analysis Provided by Hanover Research



What's in the Report?

As an enterprise mobility thought leader, Stratix constantly evaluates what's working for organizations, what's holding them back, and how new technology can drive fresh opportunities for success. With our 2022 Enterprise Mobility Outlook report, we wanted to understand where companies are after two years of pandemic disruption, reveal their pain points, and see where they're headed. Partnering with Hanover Research, we surveyed nearly 300 organization leaders and gained valuable insights. We discovered that many think they're doing well on mobile-driven digital transformation, but our Mobile-First Score shows another story.

Key Findings:

First-mobility Score
Mobile-First Score

53% of organizations describe themselves as mobile-first, but only 29% score high on our mobile-first score.

mobile devices
Device Strategies

80% of organizations provide corporate-owned mobile devices to employees, with just 14% having BYOD policies.

IT Team
IT Team Challenges

Over 50% of IT time is dedicated to supporting mobile—time that is NOT spent on transformation initiatives.  

What is Mobile-first?
Mobile-first is more than just deploying mobile devices for specific workflows. It's a holistic approach utilizing centralized decision-making that constantly evaluates the organization's technology to leverage mobile benefits.

The Participants

To accomplish our research objectives, Hanover used an online quantitative survey to gather information from 291 qualified participants. Responses to the survey questions are calculated at a 95 percent confidence level.



How's Your Mobile-first Journey Going?

Do you need assistance with your mobile-driven transformation programs or want to consult with one of our mobility experts to ensure you have the right technology, tools, and support programs in place? 

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