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Mobile Tech Talks

Dipesh Hinduja Mobile Solutions Architect at Stratix
Mikhail Ishkhanov Senior Director, Product Strategy at SOTI
Elizabeth Klingseisen SVP at Stratix


Upcoming Live      May 21,2024 | 11:00AM (ET)

The State of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

Elevate your endpoint management game by joining our webinar, where industry experts will reveal surprising vulnerabilities and share actionable UEM insights for achieving robust defense and much more, in your enterprise. 

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In this eye-opening and interactive session, we’ll explore the vulnerabilities and pain points associated with endpoint management, according to recent research conducted by Stratix in partnership with SOTI. Our industry experts will also provide actionable solutions to harness the power of UEM to better utilize your mobile technology and gain the freedom to focus on the strategic work you want to be doing. 

We'll Discuss

  • Critical areas of vulnerability that must be addressed 
  • The role of UEM – it’s not just about security
  • Implementation of mobile technology with UEM strategies for enhanced security and efficiency

You'll Also Get

  • Opportunity to share your experiences
  • Copy of the presentation  
  • Free copy of the Stratix UEM research report in partnership with SOTI  

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