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Mobile Tech Talks

Dipesh Hinduja Mobile Solutions Architect at Stratix
Chip Yager Vice President, Corporate Strategy at Zebra

On-Demand Webinar

RFID Strategies to Rethink the Approach to Solving Operations Challenges

Learn how rethinking cost containment strategies can lower inventory shrink, reduce expensive human errors, and handle the rising costs of labor.

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In this informative and engaging session, we’ll explore how operations leaders, like you, are reframing cost containment challenges and applying new technology approaches that are enabling IT and operations to reap big benefits in cost savings and productivity.

We'll Discuss

  • Where and what to focus on to boost operations efficiency and knowledge.
  • Evolving from box-level to item-level tracking for unprecedented data.
  • Rethinking mobile device assignment and empowering users to do more and do it better.

You'll Also Get

  • Opportunity to share your experiences
  • Copy of the presentation  
  • Best practices you can use starting today

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