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Ahead of the Curve: How Mobile Tech Adoption Maturity is Reshaping Enterprise Growth

Ahead of the Curve


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About the White Paper

 Digital transformation success depends more on an organization’s readiness to manage and support the technology, than on the technology itself. Success in the current fast-moving digital landscape often hinges upon how effective enterprises can manage their workforces transitioning from laptop and PC-dominance to mobile device-centric environments. To establish a useful metric for determining where they rank, we’ve partnered with VDC Research, a leading enterprise mobile technology market research authority, to create a Mobile Tech Adoption Maturity Curve based on quantitative research of IT leaders & decision makers.

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Innovating Executives Ahead of the Technology Adoption Curve

83% of executives report increased revenue over the past three fiscal years. Innovators report 11% year/year growth. 51% of executives indicate a high level of risk to their organization in the next five years from technology-driven disruption


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