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Mobile Maturity Curve Self-Assessment

Recent VDC research shows that having a clear assessment of your organization’s mobile maturity status is critical in laying out your disruption readiness strategies for the next decade.

Where does your organization fall in the mobile maturity curve? We’ve partnered with VDC to build this six question self-assessment – to reveal where your organization is on the curve. Complete the assessment to get a personalized report including your results and recommendations.

Q1 – Which of the following best describes your organization’s typical process for implementing new mobile technologies?

Q2 – Please rank the top 3 most important factors guiding your organization’s selection of new mobile technologies. Select up to three (1 = most important)

Q3 – Based on past deployments, rank the two most impactful priorities that lead to successful mobile technology implementations. Select up to two (1=most important)

Q4 – For each of the following technologies, please indicate the level of optimization in usage you have achieved. Select "not actively using" where applicable.

Tech Type Actively using:
~75% optimized
Actively using:
~50% optimized
Actively using:
~25% optimized
Not actively using
Cloud infrastructure supporting mobile solutions
Internet of Things (IoT)
Mobile solutions for frontline workforce
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Mobile Managed Services
Wearable technology/human-machine integration

Q5 – Which of the following methods of achieving disruption most aligns with your organization's forward-looking strategies or plans?

Q6 – In relation to the mobile technology maturity curve, how would you characterize your organization today?