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Top 10 Technologies Defining the Future of Mobility

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Gartner Report: Top Ten Technologies

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What's In the Report?

Augmented reality, virtual reality and advanced mobile user experience design are technologies that can revolutionize productivity in select use cases. This report helps infrastructure and operations leaders prioritize the mobile technologies that will have a major impact on their organizations. 

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Which technologies will benefit your mobile environment the most
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Critical insights into foundational, incremental and transformational technologies
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Mobile security delivery through defense tools, application shielding & unified endpoint management

About Stratix

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We are the largest pure-play managed mobility service provider in North America. With over 35 years of experience we know what works and how to operationalize your mobile investments to deliver results. Companies that rely on mobile to drive business rely on Stratix.

What's In the eBook?

Mobile environments are continuously shaped by innovative technologies that surround transformation in the workplace, security management and "post-app" mobile technology. With the field of emerging technologies growing at such a rapid rate, which technologies should you pay attention to? And how is this evolution in mobile technology affecting overall infrastructure and operations?

Table of Contents


  • Foundational Technologies
    • Mobile Security
    • Mobile Application Development Tools
    • Location-Based Technologies
  • Incremental Technologies
    • Incremental Technologies
    • Mobile Analytics, Metrics and Monitoring
    • Wearable Technologies
    • Integrating Mobile Technology and the IoT
    • The Return of Ruggedized Devices


  • Transformational Technologies
    • Advanced Mobile User Experience Designs
    • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
    • New Networking Standards for IoT
  • Technologies That Did Not Make the List

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