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Enterprise Mobile Resources to Navigate
Through COVID-19

The rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped the focus and priorities for many companies. Unprecedented containment measures to affect social distancing are putting a strain on businesses to rapidly adjust to the needs of their consumers, suppliers and employees.

The need for scalable, agile and effective mobile programs that enable employees to safely and securely transact business is more critical than ever. Stratix is here to help as our customers face the business challenges brought on by COVID-19. On this page, we’ve put together resources, along with our partners, to help you with everything mobile. We will continue to keep content updated as new resources become available.

Re-imagining the Future of Mobile Technology Programs

We understand that the massive disruptions to your business environment aren’t just about the changes you have to make to effectively respond to them today. Often, the bigger impact they leave behind can only be realized when you look at the paradigm shifts to your operations, your competitors and the industry going forward.

We know that mobile technology is going to play a more important role in this contact-less environment moving forward, and we want to help you navigate that transformation because companies that rely on mobile, rely on Stratix. Here are a couple of mobile transformation resources.

What's Next?

We are the most experienced mobile device and managed service provider in the country, and all our services are performed in-house by trained mobility experts. Our strong suit is providing customers with mobile devices that work out of the box and support for the employees who rely on those devices.

If you would like to speak with one of our mobile experts, please schedule a meeting, chat with us or call us directly at: 1-800-917-4574

We’re all in this together and if we can be of assistance, offer some advice or at least point you in the right direction, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you.